Advisory board has four new members

“Together” is an important value for the Centraal Beheer APF Pension Fund. This is why we have a representative advisory board called SBO (‘Samengevoegd Belanghebbendenorgaan’). In April and May we organised elections, which resulted in four new board members. They were officially installed in August.


In total, the SBO now consists of six board members:

NameOn behalf of
Kees de Wit (chairman)Employees
Hans de RuijterEmployees
Monique van der PoelRetirees and former employees
Linda GastelaarsEmployees
Jeroen van der PutEmployees
Mick VerbruggeEmployees

What does the SBO do?

Employers, retirees and (former) employees have a say in our policy via the SBO. This council advises the Board of Centraal Beheer APF Pension Fund and has the right of approval for certain decisions, e.g. the value transfer from one pension fund to another, the premium policy and the adjustment of pensions to inflation. The Board is accountable to the SBO on the policy and the execution thereof.

Please refer to Samengevoegd Belanghebbendenorgaan for more information.

You can forward any questions for the SBO to:

We will forward your questions to the SBO. You can also contact our client team for other pension-related questions. If you would prefer to phone us, you can reach us from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm on +31 33 721 47 17.

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