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Making the best of your retirement: that is our aim. And we do our utmost for this, every year.

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Centraal Beheer General Pension Fund offers you a single, easy-to-use information resource for all your pension information. This gives you insight into your overall pension situation. If you have already retired, you can also find all information about your pension payments here.

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How secure is your pension?

The amount of your pension is not fixed, as this is determined by a variety of risk factors. Our collective life expectancy is increasing, low interest rates have made pensions more expensive, and investment returns fluctuate significantly. Our pension fund’s funding ratio demonstrates whether we have sufficient funds to pay your pension and those of all other members, now and in the future.

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At Centraal Beheer General Pension Fund (APF) we pool the strengths of employers, employees and pension funds. We share risks and results with each other and maximise the opportunity for people to strengthen their knowledge and skills. We want members and employees to think and decide with us. In a formal and informal way. Because our services will keep improving if we learn with each other and share experiences.

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